MpDS Web
Management for health professionals

Access easily and from anywhere in the world to the web application and consult the status of all processes of each patient. Have your management tool always on your hand!

Main features

Users management

Manage all users, editing their data if necessary, from MpDS Web.

Dashboards with management metrics

Quickly and visually, find out how many users are in treatment, the average healing time, which products are used most effectively, among other important metrics to the performance of their functions.

Observe in detail the report and the status evolution of your patients.

Observe in detail the report and the status evolution of your patients.

Detailed records

A detailed record of the patient’s activities and status in each monitoring.

Data confidentiality and security

NIn our systems, privacy and security of patient data are essential. All data transferred between applications are protected with encryption protocols for their security. See our privacy policy for more information.

MpDS ecosystem benefits

Integration with other systems

A completely integrated solution that allows greater efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of care.

Information mobility

In a simple way, access the relevant clinical information anywhere in the world and consult the status of the different processes of each user.

Decision support

Quick, conscious and informed decisions about the evolution of a patient and upcoming treatments.

Saving time

By reducing the time for characterizing wounds to just 20 seconds, you gain time to dedicate yourself to other tasks.